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December 2018, Vol. 1, No. 5

How the developer experience builds trickle-down usability

Developers are people; that seems fairly obvious. What might be more constructive is to consider developers as users, too. So let's stop to consider the happiness and experience of developers in using a particular tool or product. As with user experience (UX), developer experience (DX) is the difference between early termination of a transaction or successful engagement. Developers are also interface users, be it an API, a GUI tool or a command-line interface. You will find that the laws and guidelines around developer experience -- how they experience a product -- are similar, if not identical, to those that govern UX and usability. Usability is a topic that surfaced formally, it seems, in the 1980s. Many of us have studied human-computer interaction, especially in our coursework. If you were like me, you did not make the connection between a mandatory -- usually 101 -- subject and the future of application design. It's essential to engage users intelligently and efficiently in a manner that leads to greater traffic, ...

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