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December 2018, Vol. 1, No. 5

Without DevOps metrics, forget about DevOps glory

When your organization decides to break down siloes and orient its development and operations work around DevOps principles, it's reasonable to wonder if you are making progress on the right things -- or if you're making any progress at all. That's where DevOps metrics come into play. An IT team is generally good at calculations. It can quantify uptime. It knows how many helpdesk tickets it handled in a given period. It's possible to compare this year's spending versus last year's to see if that decision to switch vendors saved as much as you were promised. And a legacy system that's finally put out of its misery is an accomplishment that's celebrated and marked on the calendar. Whatever it is you're doing in enterprise IT, it's almost always possible to download the results, measure the successes and graph the failures. But what about metrics for DevOps and all that cultural change? How do you gauge accomplishments and tally wins and losses? This is where the shrugs come out. Maybe you'd like to know if this new way of working ...

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