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December 2018, Vol. 1, No. 5

Establish a configuration management strategy to guide transition

The benefits of configuration management tools are plain to see. What's blurrier is how to get independent, sometimes-siloed and always-overworked IT teams within an organization to all work on the same tool. Configuration management tools enable rapid and consistent deployment of software, infrastructure and patches. Configuration management frees IT operations teams from manual provisioning work in any IT service delivery setup. In particular, it proves beneficial for CI/CD and microservices deployment, where new releases occur more frequently than in other approaches, and infrastructure must adapt at the same pace. No matter the returns on the technology, enterprise IT organizations frequently encounter problems with a configuration management strategy. Various internal teams select different configuration management tools. Team members resist the burden of a steep learning curve with a new tool. Or people stick with their habits because they are simply too busy or distracted with existing work to change. "There are high ...

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