SAN basics: All the tools you need to purchase a storage-area network

Last updated:May 2015

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  • Overview of popular SAN product offerings

Editor's note

As one of the most widely deployed types of storage among enterprises, the list of SAN array vendors and the models they manufacture can seem endless. Whether you've purchased a SAN before or this is your first foray into enterprise storage, finding a jumping off point can be a daunting task.

This SAN basics buying guide will help you to determine if a SAN fits your needs, or if NAS or DAS might better suit your business goals. If a SAN does make the most sense for your environment, you then need to consider how the array is architected, the data protection features you require, and your compute and capacity requirements. Once you've narrowed down your needs, you can compare the various arrays against each other.

This lesson in SAN basics outlines the most important criteria to consider during the purchasing process, and provides an overview of some of the top SAN arrays on the market.

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