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September 2017, Vol. 16, No. 7

Your enterprise data management strategy needs a superhero

Is it just me, or are meta-humans becoming meta-boring? Summer 2017 seems to have passed by in a blur, punctuated every few days by yet another "blockbuster" movie based on a Marvel or DC superhero. My kids want to see every one, of course, despite the commonality of the plot lines. We usually end up debating the fidelity of the movie to the comic or canonicity of this installment to previous films in the series. Frankly, it's getting pretty yawn-inducing. This is the same feeling I get when a vendor pitches his latest storage wares, which are increasingly contextualized as big wins for data management. Truth be told, most of these products aren't doing much at all in the way of enterprise data management strategy -- at least not in the grand sense. Just as most of the Avengers and Batman don't actually have any superpowers, it seems discordant to hear some vendor woo me with his "data management" riff when he's really talking about storage management or simply flash storage, object storage or a cloud storage service. Real data ...

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