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Data storage technology trends debated in inaugural Tweet Chat

Data storage industry professionals discussed the appeal of technologies such as all-flash arrays, hyper-convergence and cloud storage during the first SearchStorage Tweet Chat.

Data storage technology trends are often hyped in the market before they see true broad adoption. Whether industry professionals see enough value in those technologies to make a purchase is the real question.

For that reason, we wanted to hold our first Tweet Chat to hear how our followers view the data storage technology trends receiving increased attention in 2016. We focused on all-flash arrays, hyper-convergence and cloud storage by posing a series of questions to followers over a 30-minute period. The commentary from industry analysts and data storage professionals who took part in the discussion proved that a little more convincing and development might be needed before these technologies gain broader adoption -- but they're well on their way.

Take all-flash arrays, for example: The all-flash vs. hybrid array debate is going strong. There's no question all-flash arrays provide a performance boost, but they still don't make economic sense for many organizations. Hyper-converged infrastructure can provide a cost advantage, but concerns over the ability to separate compute and capacity could be giving potential users pause. Cloud storage, while the most established of the three technologies, still needs to address issues concerning cost, compliance and security.

Check out some of the highlights from the chat below to see what followers thought of these storage technology trends, and stay tuned for the next #TTStorageChat.

In the first SearchStorage Tweet Chat, data storage professionals discussed how they viewed some up-and-coming technologies -- and had some varying opinions.

We first asked about all-flash arrays: Do they make more sense than hybrid systems?

It was clear that for most, the debate comes down to cost versus performance. All-flash arrays are beneficial for enterprises running demanding applications, but the economics of hybrid arrays are hard to beat for many smaller organizations.

Next up we asked about a newer technology. Vendors tout hyper-convergence as being simpler to manage, a good investment cost-wise and an easy technology to move to when an organization is nearing the end of a refresh cycle.

Finally, we wanted to hear about cloud storage concerns. It might be a more established storage technology, but many enterprises are still hesitant to store all of their data in a public cloud. Based on the discussion, it's not just security that gives IT pause when it comes to the cloud.

Thanks to everyone who participated, and be sure to keep an eye out for the next chat.

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