E-Handbook: When on-premises VDI deployments trump cloud applications Article 1 of 4

With on-premises VDI, be the master of your own VDI feast

If you've ever seen Gordon Ramsey's TV series Kitchen Nightmares, you'll learn that eating at a restaurant is inherently risky. Sure, you can sit back and relax while a waiter treats you like royalty. But rat-infested basements, rotten ingredients and undercooked meat are all potential dangers you can experience when you put the fate of your food in someone else's hands. Cooking at home takes some effort and a bit of skill, but at least you know with some certainty that the food is fresh and your kitchen is clean.

The desktop as a service (DaaS) approach to VDI is like restaurant dining: IT admins can enjoy fewer management tasks, but they also sacrifice a degree of control and granularity when a third-party provider is in charge. On-premises VDI must now compete with the growing DaaS market, but there are still valid reasons to host VDI in your own data center. Increased granular control, network stability and application flexibility are just a few benefits of an on-premises VDI deployment.

In this handbook, learn about the complications that can come with a cloud-based VDI deployment. Then, discover how to choose a deployment model that works best for your organization.

Like DaaS, dining out can be a nice treat -- but sometimes, it's best to be the cook in your own kitchen.