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November 2018, Vol. 2, No. 6

IT reaps the benefits of HCI for virtual desktops and apps

Everyone loves a good sidekick. Batman has Robin, Han Solo has Chewbacca and VDI has hyper-converged infrastructure. HCI brings the main resources of the data center, compute, networking and storage, into one piece of hardware. The benefits of HCI -- simpler management, less downtime, greater flexibility -- can translate into big improvements in virtual desktop and application management. By adopting HCI, desktop virtualization shops can expect benefits in several areas, including availability and performance. "It really comes down to the confidence and the way it's available," said Bill Connor, IT infrastructure lead at Forest County Potawatomi Tribe in Wisconsin. "I can have [apps] on there and not have to worry about them as much as stuff that's running on my older architecture." Enable pooled resources One of the biggest benefits of HCI is that it allows IT to pool resources and dole them out based on who needs what, rather than confining users to what their devices can handle. This results in better virtual app performance ...

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