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November 2018, Vol. 2, No. 6

Evernote mobile app helps fill productivity gaps

Most employees take notes or jot down information throughout the day as part of their jobs. Users often do these tasks away from their desks in meetings, at conferences or while traveling, making mobile note taking an important capability. Evernote mobile apps offer a top option for enterprise note taking, organization and productivity. Notes in Evernote may be in the form of basic text, voice memos, website clippings, images, videos, PDFs and more. Users can store notes locally on their devices or in the cloud and return to edit them later. Using the camera, users can scan and store images into the Evernote mobile apps to better organize paper documents or whiteboard notes from meetings, for instance. To save a webpage or excerpt from a website, users must first install a browser plugin, which allows them to "clip" a page, save it in the Evernote mobile app and mark it up with highlights or text comments. Evernote also includes templates to help users with common note-taking formats, including meeting minutes, brainstorming ...

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