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Top five VDI-related help desk questions


Why are network connection problems preventing me from connecting to VDI?

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Let's be honest: VDI connection issues are almost always the user's fault. He may not be connected to the Internet or might not know how to bypass a firewall or pay wall to gain access.

Network connection problems are not always user-based, however. Connectivity can be limited because the network isn't equipped to handle VDI. As a result, users might not be able to access their desktops, active desktops might crash or overall connectivity could be limited, which slows desktops down.

IT must prioritize network traffic to preserve a strong connection. Admins can do this by configuring routers and switches based on TCP port number or purchase more network bandwidth. If more bandwidth isn't in the budget, IT can maximize its existing bandwidth by turning to bandwidth optimization products, including F5 Networks' BIG-IP Appliance. Bandwidth optimizers feature plug-ins and templates that help IT configure appliances and balance the load.

IT can also combat network connectivity problems by monitoring network-level traffic, troubleshooting any issues that pop up, controlling quality of service, protecting network infrastructure and securing access controls.

Maybe most importantly, IT must tell users the truth. Delays and disruptions happen with VDI, so if a user can't connect immediately, admins should explain to users why that is happening and how they are working to solve it.

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