Stay informed about Microsoft security patches in 2019

Last updated:June 2019

Editor's note

IT administrators who use Microsoft products know the update process that comes with every Patch Tuesday, but they may have trouble keeping track of which updates to prioritize.

Microsoft releases patches to close common vulnerabilities and exposures in the company's software on the second Tuesday every month. Zero-day exploits and out-of-band patches often require administrators' attention outside of the designated Patch Tuesdays. In addition to the pressure of deploying Microsoft security patches, admins must issue updates with caution and test that nothing breaks due to the changes. A bad patch can disrupt functionality throughout the OS or in third-party applications.

1Follow 2019's Microsoft security patches

With insight from security analysts and IT pros on Microsoft security patches, administrators can feel confident in their approach to system patches and other security developments. This collection of monthly Patch Tuesday news stories will keep administrators on track to a more secure enterprise with detailed explanations of Microsoft security patches throughout 2019.

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