Bas van Kaam

Bas van Kaam

Cloud Technologist

Bas van Kaam is a freelance blogger and Sr. Cloud Technologist over at Salomon IT Solutions. He specializes in Cloud solutions and end user computing. Throughout the past seven years, Bas has written and redacted over 400 tech related articles and has spoken at events like Citrix Synergy, E2EVC, multiple Citrix User Group events, VCNRW, and other national and international events.

He is an active community participant (Founder of ProByteSized and EUCdigest) and as such, has been recognized with numerous community awards and entitlements along the way. Currently he holds the Microsoft MVP status for Enterprise Mobility.

He is the author of the book "Inside Citrix – The FlexCast Management Architecture," co-author of "Byte Sized – Cloud Design Principles and Architectural Recommendations," and has produced multiple well-received cheat sheets/e-books related to Cloud, application layering, printing, Citrix architecture, IoT, and more. You can find more of Bas’s work over at

In his spare time, he likes to have fun with his kids, go out for a run, and to just stay fit in general.