E-Handbook: For API-based integration, a gateway is your friend Article 1 of 4

API gateways help make microservices manageable

Do you give much thought to API gateways? Should you?

Gateway technology plays a key role in API-based integration and microservices efforts by helping to keep application program interfaces secure and manageable. If not handled properly, though, gateways won't generate the expected results. They need to be managed. Every new microservice added, for instance, requires an update to the API gateway.

This handbook examines the capabilities, management challenges and best practices for API gateways. IT professional Twain Taylor writes specifically about what steps to take to avoid being snared by common API problems. And two more expert tips present additional guidance on how to use gateways to bolster microservices security and how to implement best practices for API management.

With API-based integration in microservices, gateways provide important abstraction between a microservice and resources outside the organization. Microservices and containerization open new possibilities for application delivery, and APIs are at the heart of those changes. To make these efforts work cohesively, organizations are wisely turning to the management capabilities offered by API gateways.