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June 2016

Optimize your service with AWS performance monitoring

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Native Amazon Web Services tools can help optimize performance, but they don't always give cloud developers and administrators the entire picture. Often, third-party cloud management tools can fill in the gaps to help with AWS performance monitoring, as well as troubleshoot and repair performance issues. So what’s the right mix of AWS monitoring tools? Many AWS shops use third-party products to help with cloud monitoring, while others prefer native tools.

This guide highlights what you want to accomplish with those tools, including managing logs, tracking analytics and doing routine health checks, and gives a rundown of some preferred tools. Having an understanding of what AWS monitoring software to use and why you're using it is part of AWS monitoring best practices.

In addition, AWS premier partners produce tools that have been well received, which further complicates matters. This three-part guide describes the various products available from AWS itself and from third-party suppliers. It also features advice for determining which tools might be right for particular types of AWS users.

Readers can also expect insight from AWS users about AWS monitoring best practices -- specifically, what an admin should be looking for and how to get the most bang for your buck. It can be as simple as entering your AWS environment with a plan for what you want to use there.

There's also advice in this guide for startup companies using AWS, including a look at when a company is paying for more cloud computing than it needs.

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Valerie Silverthorne

Valerie Silverthorne is a former senior news and features writer...Read More

Table Of Contents

  • Tools to monitor AWS
  • Pay only for what you want
  • How to approach AWS

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