Strategy and Insight

  • Artificial Intelligence

    A Guide to Unlock the Power of Private AI

    Private AI is a powerful solution enabling businesses to access the insights provided by artificial intelligence securely while maintaining full control of data. While the benefits are compelling, companies must first undertake the necessary groundwork to capitalize on private AI. First, data architecture must accommodate the unique requirements of distributed AI workloads. Then, the vast amounts of data processed by private AI capabilities raise sustainability, privacy, and, most importantly, ethical considerations. Businesses must also collaborate with partners who can provide the infrastructure for successful private AI implementation. Explore this site to understand how private AI transforms operations across industries and how companies responsibly incorporate it into their business practices.

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  • DEI

    Maximizing the Business Benefits of DE&I

    This special section, based on exclusive research from TechTarget’s Enterprise Strategy Group in collaboration with AWS provides guidance on how organizations can close gaps and leverage more value out of their DE&I programs.

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