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February 2015

Watch online: Effective approaches to AWS cloud monitoring

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AWS administrators can monitor AWS Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances using native tools like CloudWatch, but those native tools don’t always get to the heart of the matter. This handbook examines third-party cloud management tools that can help IT professionals monitor, troubleshoot, and repair AWS performance issues. Amazon Web Services offers a number of tools for its customers. Elastic Beanstalk, for instance, assists with Web application scaling, and CloudWatch provides monitoring. While these native offerings can be useful, they may not meet the needs of every AWS customer, particularly those concerned with application performance and costs. This gap between what AWS offers and what users might want has created space for a number of third-party vendors to develop. The cloud-monitoring tools they make available aim to address a range of issues that may be preventing an organization from getting the desired performance from an AWS environment.

Table Of Contents

  • Running through the AWS cloud monitoring tool jungle
  • Pre-deployment performance testing in AWS
  • Painless monitoring with AWS command line interface

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