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March 2016

The shared-responsibility approach to securing AWS

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Security breaches and data leaks remain a concern for companies doing business in the public cloud. But the onus to protect cloud workloads doesn't lie solely on a cloud service provider. Amazon Web Services takes a shared-responsibility approach to security; this means IT teams must do their part to protect applications and users. This handbook delves into various cloud security risks, and explains how AWS identity and access management and security groups' features can help protect workloads in the cloud. It also looks at what IT teams must do to further secure their environments. Whether it's through controlling access or developing secure applications, users can create a more secure AWS. By being vigilant about things such as operating system security, and not assuming Amazon will take care of everything, an organization should be able to address any AWS security issues before those become problems.

About The Author

Beth Pariseau - Senior News Writer

Beth Pariseau is a senior news writer for the Cloud/DevOps group...Read More

Table Of Contents

  • The role users play in securing AWS
  • Tools can fill AWS security gaps
  • New features boost AWS security

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