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Build an AWS multiregion architecture to meet global demand


Don't forget to properly secure cloud applications

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Software developers, cloud application architects, operations and administrative staff, and even business leaders should pay close attention to the security implications of AWS multiregion deployments.

To properly secure cloud applications, developers must create and vet each app release against comprehensive security tests to guard against coding oversights and errors that hackers can exploit. Don't overlook vulnerabilities of commonly available software interfaces, such as APIs, and implement identity and access management authentication.

Consider additional storage encryption services for data at rest to better secure cloud applications, though this may add complexity with key retention and management. Construct virtual private clouds within the application node of each region to help isolate and guard the node. IPsec VPN connections can guard data in transit when traffic moves between regions.

In addition, periodically update software components to secure cloud applications. Ensure every node runs the latest approved patches, updates and antimalware products. Operations security is as much a matter of policy as it is practice.

Business leaders must also be involved with application security. Adequate and auditable security measures can be a critical part of business governance and regulatory compliance obligations. Without sufficient, verifiable security, the business may be exposed to regulatory violations when it operates in some regions.

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