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Build an AWS multiregion architecture to meet global demand


Lean on cloud monitoring tools for complex deployments

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As we've discussed, AWS multiregion applications can be quite complex, which makes monitoring and reporting critical to ensure availability and performance. Proper monitoring and timely reporting can optimize costs, enhance troubleshooting and meet auditing and other regulatory obligations.

Amazon CloudWatch is a cloud monitoring tool that can track important metrics, such as replication lag, when architects employ CRRRs. This native AWS tool can send notifications or take other actions if a selected metric exceeds a set value, while CloudWatch Logs monitors activities over time, and events can trigger functions based on service behaviors. In this case, administrators can watch replication behaviors over time and address alerts if the replica lag becomes unacceptably high. If such behavior persists or grows, reporting data can be looped back to software developers and application architects to make changes and alleviate the problems -- ideally, before users notice.

Beyond CloudWatch, there are numerous third-party cloud monitoring tools that can track AWS multiregion deployments and multi-cloud applications. Look for tools that can consolidate or centralize details from all regions and provide a combined view of the distributed application environment.

Several examples of cloud monitoring tools include Nutanix Beam, which emphasizes multi-cloud optimization, cost management and security. AppDynamics focuses on application, infrastructure and UX monitoring. New Relic handles instrumenting and monitoring in cloud environments. Dynatrace specializes in AWS monitoring and analytics that can aid optimization and troubleshooting. And Nagios can employ plug-ins to gather and report on cloud resources and performance.

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