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Q&A: Composite Software on 'big data' integration, analytics

While much of the attention being paid to “big data” is focused on collecting, storing and analyzing the data, Robert Eve, executive vice president of marketing at Composite Software Inc., cautions potential users not to “get too enamored with” big data technology. The most important thing, he says, is to look at the big picture of how big data can “move things along for the business” and help companies be more successful. Eve spoke with SearchBusinessAnalytics.com Editorial Director Hannah Smalltree about managing big data projects, the challenges of big data analytics and Composite’s approach to supporting big data integration efforts.

In this two-minute video interview recorded at the Pacific Northwest BI Summit 2011 in Grants Pass, Ore., readers will:

  • Hear about Composite’s potential role in helping businesses to address their big data integration needs
  • Gain insight on the challenges that businesses can face when trying to get started on managing and analyzing big data
  • Get advice on implementing big data software


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