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Hybrid Cloud, Consumption-Based IT: Empowering Transformation in Healthcare and the Public Sector

As a hybrid cloud, consumption-based IT model, HPE GreenLake is helping organizations across all industries bring the cloud experience to applications and data wherever they are—the edge, colocations and the data center.

As an example, organizations in healthcare and the public sector have been able to improve services, gain control over IT budgets, strengthen business continuity and position their organizations for the future. 

This article looks at four Digital Game Changers in these markets, where the benefit of innovative, consumption-based IT is having a huge impact on improving the quality of life for individuals in a wide range of areas.

Mohawk Valley Health System, Utica, N.Y.

Mohawk Valley Health Systems (MVHS) was created from the merger of two hospitals, resulting in four disparate electronic health record (EHR) systems. MVHS decided to implement a single EHR system from Epic, called Sonnet, with the HPE GreenLake Flex capacity model for infrastructure. The goals were to improve quality of care, manage costs and bolster clinical and operational efficiencies by:

  • Running a cloud-like experience on premises.
  • Scaling server and storage capacity up or down as needed.
  • Implementing a predictable cost model for hardware, software and support. 

The new Epic system and HPE infrastructure enabled MVHS to reduce capital spending and reach 100% uptime during one of the world’s most crucial times: “COVID-19 hit our organization very hard,” says Ed Hildreth, manager of distributed systems at MVHS. “But any additional features we needed to activate, we were able to do that without delays.” 

Infrastructure performance improvements have allowed MVHS to deliver a better user experience by enabling patients to manage their health information online, while improving quality of care through real-time patient monitoring and information sharing, among other benefits. 

Flevo Hospital, The Netherlands 

Located in a fast-growing region of The Netherlands, Flevo Hospital has seen the population of its city more than double since it opened its doors in 1991—and that growth trajectory is expected to continue in the next decades. Flevo was seeking a new solution to address several key use cases, including modernizing storage to meet changing regulatory standards, meeting ever-increasing velocity and complexity, and delivering a more flexible technology environment that can scale without upfront investment.

The hospital chose HPE GreenLake and HPE Pointnext Services Datacenter Care Service to move an SAP HANA environment in a pay-per-use model, while securing its PACS medical image library with HPE 3PAR File Persona. Its goals were to boost security, enable mandated data sharing without incurring costly upgrades, and augment existing staff with highly specialized data center experts, among others. The results:

  • The new pay-per-use model enables 30% Opex savings over the previous storage architecture.
  • The entire IT stack has been modernized without adding staff or increasing administrative costs.
  • The hospital now has a model for continuous growth without upfront investments or negotiations.

San Vicente Fundación Hospital, Colombia

A recognized leader in Colombia and Latin America, San Vicente Fundación Hospital is a private, nonprofit healthcare institution that treats more than 40,000 patients annually. 

The institution was seeking to modernize IT to handle more than 4,500 clinical orders to manage procedures, laboratories, diagnostic images and other medical services; speed up access to data and response time for SAP healthcare and ERP systems; meet compliance and data privacy requirements; and streamline operations to respond to surging demand from local and foreign patients. 

The hospital leveraged HPE GreenLake’s infrastructure-as-a-service model to build a platform on HPE Synergy and ConvergedSystem 500 for its SAP HANA migration. As a result of IT modernization with HPE, the hospital has achieved:

  • Cost efficiency and control of the environment through a pay-per-use IT model.
  • Faster delivery of healthcare services.
  • Compliance and data privacy by keeping personal data within the hospital.
  • Speedy loading of massive data sets in a single platform.
  • Quick deployment of new servers, simplified administration and optimal storage.

Auckland Council, New Zealand 

Auckland is New Zealand’s largest city, serving 1.65 million residents. Auckland Council was seeking to upgrade its services across the board, with up-to-the-minute updates on public health initiatives, and better manage recreation, planning and emergency services. The overall goal was to enable faster, more reliable delivery of services to residents. 

The city leveraged a hybrid cloud strategy based on HPE Synergy, HPE Nimble Storage and HPE Apollo Systems. For its SAP HANA environment it is using services from HPE GreenLake. The key goals were to enable periodic bursts of resources without upfront expense; deliver applications from wherever they perform best under a hybrid, multi-cloud strategy; and gain control over the IT budget by moving to a consumption-based IT model.

With the HPE solutions in place, Auckland Council has been able to:

  • Prepare for the unexpected with scale-up and scale-down flexibility.
  • Use an as-a-service technology foundation for the city’s critical services, enabling greater speed and agility.
  • Let city leaders think ahead without worrying about infrastructure costs.

Taking the Next Step
Healthcare and public sector organizations are in a unique, trusted position to improve the quality of life for patients, constituents and employees. They need to deliver modern IT services while keeping a constant eye on the future—without breaking their budgets.

As seen in the four examples in this article, the availability of hybrid cloud, consumption-based IT is having a transformative impact on public sector and healthcare initiatives around the world.

For more information on how your organization can leverage an as-a-service hybrid cloud model, please visit HPE GreenLake cloud services.


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