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Virtual security and hackers: A match made in heaven?

While you were putting out fires in your computer room, we were scouring the Web looking for tasty bits for you to peruse. From ensuring virtual security to the workforce of tomorrow, check out these greatest hits from last week’s IT blogosphere:

  • Researchers are modeling security software after ant behavior. Yes, those things you don’t want invited to your summer barbecue are actually brilliant at keeping the colony safe. Do those reluctant virtual security consumers know about this yet?
  • With mobility and the 24/7 office, do CIOs ever really take a vacation? Yeah, we didn’t think so, either.
  • Have you heard about Duncan Jones and his proposed software “tea party?” Check out Barney Beal’s video blog interview, recorded at the recent Forrester IT Forum in Las Vegas.
  • We shook our collective head at Amazon’s Gaga fiasco, but now it turns out that it cost them much more than performance credibility, to the tune of $3.2 million in music licensing. Ouch. Hopefully Cisco doesn’t emulate that as part of their plan to sell hosted managed services like Amazon EC2.
  • While you’re thinking about the workforce of tomorrow, maybe you should think about hiring hackers to lock up your virtual security for you.
  • This week is World IPv6 Day! Are you prepared? (Hint: You’re probably not.)
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