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Where are the successful women in business leadership?

Each week, we scour the Web looking for the choicest cuts of the blogosphere. This week, we’re taking a look at the illusive Millennial-generation traits that lead to a quest for more “me time” while the generation’s women are experiencing job burnout. Richard Branson asks why there aren’t more successful women in business leadership. And once again, hackers have tapped into 1.5 million wallets with a major Visa and MasterCard breach. All that and more in our weekly Web roundup!

Should CIOs care about their Klout score? Dorrie Clark thinks so.

The hackers are at it again: This time, as many as 1.5 million MasterCard and Visa numbers were breached on Friday.

Those Millennial-generation traits continue to bewilder baby boomers and Generation X leaders. Almost 90% of Millennial workers feel it’s important to be constantly learning at their jobs, and 70% feel they need “me time” at work, versus 39% of baby boomers.

Why aren’t more women in leadership positions? Mega-billionaire and Virgin mastermind Richard Branson thinks companies should be forced to have more females on their board of directors.

You want big data? You can’t handle the big data. IBM and ASTRON (an astronomy organization based in the Netherlands) plan to collaborate to explore the origins of the universe with a Square Kilometer Array. The telescope can scan an area roughly the span of the continental U.S. at once.

With the death of Steve Jobs, the tech world eagerly awaits the next great visionary to emerge. Despite what Jeff Bezos or Mark Zuckerberg would like you to believe, it seems that great leaders are in short supply.

Are Millennial-generation traits leading to more young women suffering major burnout at work?

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