Time to scare up a mobility strategy

If you’re an East Coast dweller, Halloween probably isn’t the scariest thing headed your way next week. (Which reminds us, CIOs, is your DR/BC plan “Billion-dollar storm” proof?) But we at SearchCIO.com Searchlight decided an All Hallows Eve themed roundup would be better received than one based on potentially destructive weather. That said, join us, won’t you, as we look at the frightening lack of successful mobility strategies, learn why the massive clutches of “big data” are inescapable, marvel at attempts to re-animate businesses doomed by digital, check out a conversation about business process that won’t make you want to scream bloody murder and nevermore! Sorry, make that “more.” We got carried away with the Halloween thing.  Follow the link… if you dare!

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The Raven

Could someone get him out of here? He’s very distracting.

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