Who's afraid of the iPad 3?

Friday again already? Wow, things really do move fast in the tech world. In this week’s roundup of news bits and opinions, we naturally bring you one of many, many ponderings about the new iPad, a leadership move that illustrates how CIOs who consider the consumer come out on top and something so super-geeky we couldn’t help but share it.

  • Were you up all night, unable to get an ounce of sleep on the eve of the announcement of the new iPad? Slate’s Farhad Manjoo suggests you weren’t alone, but probably not for the same reasons as these folks — fear.
  • Stephen Gillett, the man who brought you free Wi-Fi to go with the java he enabled you to buy with a mobile app, is leaving Starbucks and taking his new-era CIO skills to Best Buy, where they’re hoping he’ll bolster the customer experience through technology while leading their digital business, e-commerce and IT operations.
  • Feeling a little bloated with information? This isn’t big data we’re talking about, but all that little data that piles up around you in the seemingly innocuous form of things like email. Check out this advice on how to keep your info “diet” under control.
  • If you’re headed to the SXSW festival, don’t forget  your invisible coupons.
  • Americans really are concerned about privacy, and to prove it, they’re going to Google to search “other search engines” right now.
  • We admit it will take a certain breed of geek to really appreciate this particularly outstanding achievement in geekery, but we had to share.
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