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Customer experience management's new rules

For digitized companies, providing a great customer experience no longer consists of having a friendly face in front of the store or a pleasant voice on the telephone. Innovations like mobile commerce, personalized services and social media advertising -- often conducted in real time -- have completely transformed the factors influencing consumer loyalty. They have also dramatically changed customer experience management processes: Fostering loyalty and maximizing positive experiences in the digital age requires a continuous analysis of customer satisfaction, feedback and engagement data.

There are numerous questions that need to be answered before revamping processes to meet digitized customers' rising expectations, however. For one, the broadness of the "customer experience management" market requires organizational leaders to establish clear goals about the areas they want to improve. These goals, along with the resources available, will help drive aspects such as customer engagement technology implementations and decisions about new employee responsibilities.

Of course, there are also numerous security and compliance questions that come with these next generation customer experience management technologies. Detailed data about customers is required for these technologies to be successful -- information that is also vulnerable to data breaches and subject to increasingly strict privacy regulations.

In this handbook, learn best practices to securely implement modern, tech-driven tools to improve consumer satisfaction and how data analysis and management systems are changing what defines a successful, digitized customer experience management program. As more customers seek personalized, real-time interactions when making purchasing decisions, the advice will go a long way in helping implement the necessary data analysis and management systems required to make digitized customer experience management a successful reality.

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