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Zenoss automates transition to cloud-based IT monitoring

In an effort to improve the user experience while transitioning from on-premises to cloud-based monitoring, Zenoss has added new capabilities to its platform.

Zenoss has partnered with Google to add new capabilities to its platform to automate the transition to cloud-based IT monitoring. This will enable customers to monitor on-premises and cloud-based resources through a migration in a unified view.

The goal of the partnership is to accelerate and improve customer experience in transitioning from an on-premises monitoring environment to cloud-based monitoring of applications of services. Zenoss claims the new capabilities will do the following:

  • Reduce migration times;
  • Automate migration of users, user groups, device classes, devices, event triggers, notifications, monitoring templates, event classes, transforms, mappings and more;
  • Audit changes among monitoring environments;
  • Export configuration changes to reproduce use case scenarios; and
  • Migrate incremental changes between systems.

Other vendors in the cloud-based IT monitoring market include SolarWinds and Anturis. Anturis offers on-premises and cloud-based systems monitoring, agent-based and agent-less monitoring, centralized monitoring, scalability and smart notifications. SolarWinds offers applications and infrastructure monitoring, web performance monitoring, log analysis and monitoring, and cloud-based log management, among other network management products.

Also this week, Zenoss announced the launch of its new monitoring capabilities for Google Cloud Dataflow, which will enable users to monitor Google Cloud's fully managed service for transforming data in real-time and batch modes.

With the launch, Zenoss Cloud aims to provide insight into the performance of Dataflow instances. According to Zenoss, this is an effort to ensure minimum latency and maximum use for the automated provisioning and management of processing resources. Specifically, Zenoss Cloud monitors Dataflow memory use, disk utilization, CPU utilization and overall system latency, among other features.

Zenoss also offers deep monitoring capabilities for Google Cloud Platform serverless environment, Google Compute Engine and Google Kubernetes Engine, as well as full monitoring capabilities for Amazon Web Services and Azure platforms.

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