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SearchDataBackup.com is the definitive information resource for IT professionals charged with building and managing efficient backup and restore policy and process. Part of the TechTarget Storage Media Group and the SearchStorage.com Network, SearchDataBackup.com is dedicated to providing both problem-solving advice and guidance on the deployment and use of cutting-edge backup and restore technologies such as data deduplication, continuous data protections (CDP), archiving, tape and disk options, snapshots, mirroring and more.

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SearchDataBackup.com is part of the SearchStorage.com Network and the TechTarget Storage Media Group:

Storage magazine is the only publication exclusively focused on the information needs of IT professions responsible for storage at end-user organizations. This award-winning monthly's editorial staff and lineup of contributing editors tackle the challenges that are most pressing for storage-focused IT pros. Qualified professionals receive subscriptions to Storage at no cost.
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SearchStorage.com is THE online information resource for the latest storage news, tech tips and expert advice. Enterprise storage professionals rely on SearchStorage.com as their source for valuable information on upcoming technology and new trends in the industry. Stay informed on the latest storage technologies and industry analysis so that you can successfully evaluate and make intelligent decisions about enterprise storage products and services.
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Storage Decisions conferences and seminars provide hands-on training for IT pros responsible for the building, managing and growth of storage networks. Storage Decisions events are free, but ONLY qualified storage pros gain admittance. Further, every Storage Decisions presenter is independent – so you don't get sales pitches from vendors, you only get objective advice. Each year, there are 4 editions of the Storage Decisions conference, and multiple Storage Decisions seminar series, including Advanced Backup School, Advanced SAN School, Disaster Recovery Planning and more.
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TechTarget, a leading online technology media company, gives technology providers ROI-focused marketing programs to generate leads, shorten sales cycles, and grow revenues. With its network of more than 60 technology-specific websites and more than 7.5 million registered members, TechTarget is a primary Web destination for technology professionals researching products to purchase. The company is also a leading provider of independent, peer and vendor content, a leading distributor of white papers, and a leading producer of webcasts, podcasts, videos and virtual trade shows for the technology market. Its websites are complemented by numerous invitation-only events. TechTarget provides proven lead generation and branding programs to top advertisers including Cisco, Dell, EMC, HP, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, SAP and Symantec.

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