A data protection and backup podcast primer: Tips, trends, products

Last updated:July 2019

Editor's note

If you're curious about how to best protect your data and what's going on in the backup and recovery market, you've come to the right place.

We've recently launched a podcast series, led by editor Paul Crocetti, covering lots of ground in the increasingly important field of data protection and backup. We've spoken with executives from major vendors, including several CEOs, as well as noted industry analysts.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of threats out there. One of the biggest threats to data protection and backup continues to be ransomware, so we devoted an entire podcast to protecting and recovering from an attack. It's often been said, "It's not if you'll be hit, but when." That's not a scare tactic from vendors that want you to buy their products. It's often noted by experts in the field, and it's a case of being safe rather than sorry. As analyst George Crump said in his interview: "Don't be complacent. Get out in front of this."

And that's a key element of data protection and backup in general: being proactive, rather than reactive. One way that you can become more proactive is listening to these podcasts and gaining more knowledge of backup and recovery trends, products and best practices. It's always better to plan ahead and test your plans so you know you're ready in the event of an unplanned incident.

Each podcast comes with a transcript, in addition to the audio recording. We hope you enjoy listening and reading about these important data protection and backup issues. 

1Taking backup to the cloud

The cloud is an important piece of the data protection and backup market. Learn from some of the top vendors about software as a service (SaaS) backup, the move toward multi-cloud and other key trends.

2Be ready for cyberthreats

Cyber protection is an increasingly critical piece of backup strategy. Explore products as well as general advice that can help you prepare to recover from cyberattacks.

3Extensive field requires careful considerations

From natural disasters to unstructured data to growing storage volumes, there's a lot to think about regarding your data protection and backup plan. These podcasts will help you form general best practices.

Disaster Recovery