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January 2018, Vol. 16, No. 11

Data backup tools: Users want to handle more data more easily

Backup may not be the most glamourous of IT tasks, but it is one of the most important. From disaster recovery and business continuity to compliance, big data analytics and cloud applications, data backup tools either form the foundation of or play a key role in making many of today's essential enterprise technologies and services possible. TechTarget Research showed that a significant majority of businesses back up databases and virtualized servers. Meanwhile, slightly less than half back up data sets that users share as well as enterprise applications, while about a fifth of those surveyed back up endpoint or desktop data and virtual desktops. More than a third of respondents, 38%, back up less than 10 TB of data; whereas 22% back up 10 TB to 49 TB; 11% 50 TB to 99 TB; and 8% 100 TB to 199 TB. The percentages drop down to the 2% to 4% range for totals of 200 TB and 999 TB before, interestingly, popping back up to 8% for 1 petabyte to 9 PB and dropping back down again to 3% for 10 PB or more. Organizations back up an average of...

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