HPE StoreOnce backup adds capacity, protection capabilities

Hewlett Packard Enterprise spruces up StoreOnce secondary storage with federated management of up to 100 appliances. HPE also deepened the StoreOnce integration with Commvault.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise this week moved to modernize its secondary storage capabilities with a higher-capacity StoreOnce backup hardware system and expanded integration for cloud-based object tiering.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) also said it will extend its Recovery Manager Central copy data management to Nimble Storage hybrid SANs, with general availability expected in December.

The upgraded HPE StoreOnce backup appliances are based on Gen10 HPE ProLiant servers. Usable capacities start at 15.5 TB and scale to 1.7 PB. Customers can obtain StoreOnce as a physical disk-based appliance or a virtual storage appliance (VSA).

"Historically, data on an HPE StoreOnce backup appliance has gone to physical tape. We still have a healthy tape business, but a growing number of customers want to use disk for long-term retention. We think an object-based model is the best place to do that," said Neil Fleming, HPE product manager for StoreOnce and Recovery Manager Central.

The latest StoreOnce rollout allows customers to federate up to 100 physical or virtual HPE StoreOnce backup instances as a single managed system. Local capacity per StoreOnce VSA is boosted to 500 TB -- 10 times more capacity than existing versions. Customers can attach up to 1 PB of HPE Cloud Bank object storage to any StoreOnce instance.

Cloud Bank can run StoreOnce deduplication in the public cloud or locally. Data hashing occurs on HPE StoreOnce backup hardware and writes deduplicated blocks to an object store.

HPE StoreOnce backup bolsters ' first line of defense'

They've devised something that allows you to back up and serve data quickly.
Christophe Bertrandsenior analyst for data protection, Enterprise Strategy Group

With the latest changes, HPE has made a strong effort to buttress tiered data movement without sacrificing storage performance, said Christophe Bertrand, a senior analyst for data protection at Enterprise Strategy Group in Milford, Mass.

"You can go directly from storage  system to StoreOnce as your first line of defense for a recovery. They've devised something that allows you to back up and serve data quickly," Bertrand said.

HPE also deepened the integration of the StoreOnce Catalyst catalog in the Commvault Backup and Recovery stack . This integration allows Commvault customers to deploy StoreOnce source-side deduplication at the media agent as part of cloud backup.

Fleming said the StoreOnce-Commvault integration will appeal to service providers and private clouds that use the consumption-based HPE GreenLake Backup service, which is managed by HPE Pointnext .

HPE Recovery Manager Central software ties together the vendor's primary and secondary storage. Fleming said RMC will be available on Nimble Storage all-flash and hybrid arrays starting in December.

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