Storware vProtect update brings EC2, Google Cloud support

Storware's latest release, vProtect 3.8, provides support for Amazon EC2 backup and Google Cloud Storage, among other updates.

With its version 3.8 update, Storware vProtect will soon support Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud backup and Google Cloud Storage as a backup destination. Storware vProtect 3.8, or Nebula, is the first version to support backup for a cloud platform.

With the inclusion of Amazon EC2 and Google Cloud Storage, the Storware vProtect backup line now protects eight virtual machine (VM), container and cloud platforms in 11 potential backup destinations.

As a data backup and snapshot management tool, vProtect is intended to protect data in the event of threats or downtime, such as ransomware attacks, by housing backups that customers can use to restore their organization.

In addition to expanding its scope, vProtect Nebula brings automatic backup import to the hypervisor, disk exclusion, snapshot management and snapshot remote command execution for Proxmox users.

VProtect Nebula also includes an automatic mounting option, in addition to its previous manual-only mount. Additionally, it restores Citrix XVA-based backups as a VM automatically and allows allocation type specificity with Red Hat Virtualization backups.

Also with the update, vProtect Nebula sends daily reports on users' vProtect instances to Storware Insight, the vendor's technical support feature, to improve Storware's incident response.

Storware's vProtect 3.7 Multiverse, released in March, included protection for Red Hat OpenShift containers and CloudForms. According to the vendor, Storware aims to protect as many open virtualization platforms as possible. However, Storware doesn't support top hypervisors VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V.

Poland-based Storware partnered with U.S.-based data protection vendor Catalogic Software in June 2018. The vendors claim to complement each other and, rather than compete in the same market, use the partnership to expand their reach. Catalogic Software sells vProtect to North American customers in finance, banking and media industries.

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