Storware offers Microsoft Office 365 backup with Kodo for Cloud

Storware's Kodo for Cloud release brings cloud backup capabilities for Microsoft Office 365. Kodo for Cloud is the vendor's first software dedicated to cloud backup.

Storware released Kodo for Cloud, a Microsoft Office 365 backup offering, which aims to ensure business continuity in the event of a disaster.

Storware, a data protection software provider, has a portfolio of backup products, but this Kodo release is the company's first data backup product specifically for cloud. Kodo for Cloud ensures cloud resource protection with compression, deduplication, encryption and file versioning, ultimately protecting data from threats and loss, including ransomware, malware, expired licenses, outages and user error.

Storware claimed the scalable architecture and RESTful API of Kodo for Cloud allows users to integrate it with third-party software and tailor it to any organization's specific needs. Storware's Microsoft Office 365 backup service also boasts the following features:

  • instant restore to local PC or Office 365 cloud;
  • cross-account migration of files and email messages;
  • automated synchronization to protect new users automatically;
  • fast search to allow users to find any file stored in Office 365; and
  • flexible backup schedulers.

As adoption of Microsoft Office 365 increases -- subscribership grew from 60 million in 2015 to 155 million in 2018 -- Storware said cloud backup is more important than ever.

While Microsoft Office 365 has some default measures to aid in data recovery, they are basic and impermanent; Microsoft offers backup and restore for accidentally deleted files, as well as 14-day backups for SharePoint files.

Currently, Kodo for Cloud supports backup for OneDrive files, Outlook email messages and contacts, and calendars and events. While Storware anticipates backup capability for SharePoint in the near future, Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365, SkyKick Cloud Backup Suite and Upsafe all support the full suite of Office 365.

Veeam recently released its third version of Backup for Microsoft Office 365, which brought faster backup time, improved data protection and enhanced customer visibility and analytics. According to Veeam, the vendor provides cloud data protection to over 55,000 Microsoft Office 365 organizations.

Storware's Kodo for Cloud is the vendor's latest expansion into cloud backup. Last month, Storware released version 3.8 of vProtect, which brought support for Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud backup and added Google Cloud Storage as a backup destination; vProtect 3.8 was the first version to support cloud backup.

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