Carbonite Endpoint 360 protects and backs up Office 365 apps

Carbonite Endpoint 360 brings data protection to Microsoft Office 365 applications and emphasizes the need to protect SaaS applications and cloud-stored data.

Carbonite's newest addition to its Data Protection Platform, Carbonite Endpoint 360, provides automatic backups for desktops, tablets and mobile devices across the Microsoft Office 365 suite of applications.

Carbonite, a data protection provider, claims that Carbonite Endpoint 360 recovers data within minutes from lost or stolen devices, with the aid of Microsoft's defense against service loss due to hardware or infrastructure failure. Carbonite Endpoint 360 protects Microsoft Office 365 Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint, Exchange, Planner and Skype for Business.

According to Enterprise Strategy Group, 79% of organizations use or plan to use Office 365, but only 33% believe that SaaS applications don't require backups or data protection. Many customers believe that cloud providers execute SaaS backup, but it's a common misconception. SaaS and cloud vendors just provide the reliability of their services, not recovery services.

Carbonite claims that cloud or SaaS applications can fall victim to loss from device theft, ransomware or malware attacks, accidental deletion or Office 365 outages.

Carbonite Endpoint 360 brings the following capabilities to protect endpoint and Office 365 data:

  • granular recovery of cloud data -- from a single file to an entire SharePoints;
  • reduced risk of human error with automated backup;
  • simplified protection deployment for multiple devices with remote management;
  • flexible policy controls to manage how often users or groups are backed up;
  • advanced security features, including device tracking, remote wipe and legal hold; and
  • intelligent data storage to minimize bandwidth use with advanced deduplication.

To install Carbonite Endpoint 360, users must establish a centrally managed vault in Carbonite's Azure-hosted vault, Azure Enterprise account or any data center. Then, users can deploy Carbonite software using Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager, Intune or LANDesk; back up devices using the local cache or directly to the vault; and recover or wipe data remotely if a device is lost or stolen.

Other widely utilized backup software for Office 365 includes Barracuda, Veeam and Backupify.

With its Microsoft integration, Carbonite provides protection for any application hosted on Azure. In addition to Carbonite Endpoint 360, the vendor's suite of offerings includes Carbonite Safe, Carbonite Server, Carbonite Availability, Carbonite Migrate and Carbonite Recover.

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