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Dell Technologies GenAI-validated Designs and Dell Reference Designs

It's important to have the right infrastructure in place to support generative AI solutions. The intent should be to keep control of both proprietary data and associated GenAI-related business outcomes.

According to research by TechTarget's Enterprise Strategy Group, 92% of surveyed organizations will have generative AI in production within the next year. These organizations have several infrastructure-specific considerations for their AI environments:

  • 34% identified the cost of infrastructure and resources as being a major consideration.
  • 30% identified compliance and regulatory concerns.
  • 29% cited access to technical resources and expertise as a consideration.

But the overarching concern relates to ensuring that the infrastructure environment can support AI objectives efficiently and securely while managing any skill-gap issues. An on-premises server infrastructure offers the highest performance and data security, and it best supports governance compliance. PowerEdge is cyber-resilient, with zero-trust capabilities built in.

Consider that with an on-premises server infrastructure, company data does not have to be transmitted to the cloud and thus exposed to potential internet breaches. Similarly, to ensure compliance, organizations often focus on data locality and keeping infrastructure tightly controlled on premises.

To help control costs and overcome the challenges of gaps in expertise, organizations can rely on validated designs such as those from Dell Technologies. Dell reported that it has spent more than 340,000 engineering hours on design, development and validation of GenAI solutions.

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The value and capabilities of Dell's validated designs for GenAI are especially timely. Dell has worked hard to expand its partnerships and widen access to on-premises approaches through:

  • Silicon diversity (supporting GPUs from Nvidia and AMD).
  • OpenAI models (i.e., Meta and Hugging Face).
  • On-premises to private cloud GenAI blueprints and validated designs encompassing virtualization and containers (i.e., Apex DVD for Red Hat AI and VMware Private AI support).
  • Open AI frameworks, such as AMD ROCm.
  • Managed services to help organizations deploy and manage the environment so that Dell customers can focus on running GenAI projects quickly.
  • Services consulting and educational half-day workshops.

Dell Validated Designs are also engineered to evolve to include future hardware and software components. All of these capabilities enable organizations to get started quickly with GenAI projects that will further their success.

Read more about Dell Validated Designs for GenAI.

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