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A Generative AI Use Case Brought to Life with Solutions from Dell Technologies

Generative AI is not science fiction. It is real. Implementing and using generative AI is a goal within reach of any organization, not just large technology-centric ones. According to research by TechTarget's Enterprise Strategy Group, 92% of organizations will have generative AI in production within the next year. IT vendors such as Dell Technologies are currently working to bring AI to businesses, organizations and institutions in a manner customized to their unique needs.

The term AI has been around for decades, but now it is real enough that organizations have to put more energy into understanding and exploring it further. Generative AI (GenAI) and predictive AI are different technologies that serve different purposes:

  • The function of GenAI is to create (i.e., generate) text and other content, such as pictures and music, by leveraging its complex algorithms, the human-generated training data it already has been given and its advanced programming deep-learning protocols.
  • The function of predictive AI -- a technology that has been around a while longer than GenAI -- is to filter and analyze historical statistical data through its machine learning algorithms to identify patterns. Using that information it can help predict future events or behaviors such as customer buying trends.

Both of these forms of AI help businesses and other organizations derive greater value from their data. Here's a look at how one such organization, the city of Amarillo, Texas, is working with GenAI solutions from Dell Technologies to refine and improve the services it provides to its citizens.

The city of Amarillo hoped to create a digital assistant interface to improve its communication with constituents whose first language is not English.

They wanted a digital assistant that differs from traditional chatbots we've all interacted with online over the years. Chatbots interface with humans using text. But the city of Amarillo needed a different interface mode -- one that uses voice commands. (Both chatbots and digital assistants are designed to enhance the customer/user experience. Familiar consumer-level examples of digital assistants in the home that use voice commands include Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.)

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Throughout the project, Dell wanted to provide a model that delivered sufficient flexibility to serve many functions instead being of a singular unique deployment. It can be unnecessarily expensive to focus initially on a single problem and then have to incorporate additional functionality later after realizing the original deployment was not adequate. Dell and the city of Amarillo have avoided that problem.

By leveraging an on-premises Dell infrastructure based on Dell PowerEdge R760xa servers, the city expects to roll out its GenAI project quickly and cost effectively, while keeping control of its key data. Some GenAI apps can create considerable privacy, data sovereignty, data leakage and security concerns. By keeping this platform on premises, Dell and the city of Amarillo remain in control of everything.

The project was approved in August 2023, and go-live is anticipated for early 2024. This GenAI platform will help Amarillo residents and visitors do everything from learning about library hours to reaching the mayor -- and it will do so in 27 languages. Here's how the interface looks.

Richard Gagnon, the chief information officer for the city of Amarillo, said, "Our goal is to build a connected and engaged community that can foster a more prosperous future for the citizens of Amarillo. The AI tools we develop with Dell help create more effective government in the digital age and give us new tools to improve civic engagement and outcomes."

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