What's the best Linux OS for your enterprise data center?

Last updated:May 2014

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Data center administrators have a choice among various supported enterprise editions of Linux, as well as free open-source distributions.

Identifying the right Linux OS for enterprise servers means comparing the major Linux vendors -- Red Hat, SUSE, Canonical and Oracle -- head to head. Look at the roadmaps of each major distribution to determine whether the features, support and pricing will pay off for your infrastructure and workloads.

Linux OSes also target coexistence with Windows, as many data centers are adding Linux servers to all-Windows shops. For new Linux administrators, there are some universal lessons that will ease the transition.

1Linux vs. the world

When converting to a new OS, do your research. Know which factors of an OS -- installation, ease of management, support -- mean the most to your enterprise data center.

2Linux for beginners

The more you know about Linux, the better. But don't get overwhelmed; start with the basic commands and management methods to become a "bilingual" Windows and Linux administrator.

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