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2004 Gets New Network Status

In reading Windows 10-related news, I found a nice summary of new features for Windows 10 2004 at BleepingComputer. Amidst that summary, I was reminded that Network Status now shows multiple networks. (Settings → Network & Internet → Status) That said, on laptops with both wireless and wired Ethernet, plug in the wired connection so it shows up. Thus as 2004 gets new Network Status, you must understand its workings to get the most of its capabilities. Here’s what it looks like, on my Fast Ring Lenovo X380 Yoga:

You won’t see the (wired) Ethernet item unless that interface is active. But when it is, you see both.

If 2004 Gets New Network Status, What Does That Bring?

Beyond showing both interfaces (under the right circumstances), Network Status shows data consumption over the last 30 days. Click the Properties button to access network profile, metered connection, and IP settings info. It also summarizes key adapter properties (see below) . The Data Usage button provides a breakdown by application. It brings the ability to set a data limit on a per-interface basis.

A decent summary of Ethernet characteristics for the Lenovo’s built-in I219-LM module, including driver version and important IPv4/v6 addresses.

In general, the Settings sub-windows continue to usurp what has formerly been the sole responsibility of the Control Panel widgets (in this case, Network and Sharing Center, and its subsidiaries). I expect we’ll continue to see this kind of evolution with new Windows 10 major versions, as Settings gradually provides visibility into all of Control Panel’s capabilities.

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