Accommodating WU Download and Install Now (KB4501375)

A new Win10 WU (Windows Update) regime is now underway. Yesterday, I got my second CU notification from Windows Update, informing me that KB4501375 had arrived. Instead of downloading and installing on its own, I clicked the “Download and install now” hyperlink. This (see screencap below) fired off that process manually. What’s interesting is how I notice this change from the prior routine more at a visceral than an intellectual level. It is indeed a change, one that requires accommodating WU Download and Install Now behaviorally.

The CU routine has changed: 1. Look for “Additional updates available;” 2. Click “Download and install now” when ready
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What’s Involved in Accommodating WU Download and Install Now?

The preceding image caption gets right into accommodating WU Download and Install Now. It’s a two-step process that requires direct, manual interaction with Windows Update. Step 1 is to look at the update notification, with an eye for “Additional updates available.” When that text appears, it is necessary to click the (blue) hyperlink labeled “Download and install now.” When one does that, WU commences its download and install maneuvers for the related item (CU or Feature Update, as circumstances dictate). In most cases, installing a CU or Feature Update also involves (at least one) reboot for the target PC ( and multiple reboots for a Feature Update).

I’d thought this would be a totally routine and tolerable operation. But again, I’m surprised at how much my sense of routine, commonplace Win10 behavior is discommoded with this change. It’s going to take repeated exposure before it becomes “the new normal.” This time, however, it’s me that has to change to keep up with Windows. In the meantime, I have to remember to check for and follow the two-step process outlined above. I’ll get used to it, sooner or later. So will we all, I guess!

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