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Alternate Win10 1809 Source During Hold Period

Wow! What a wild ride at Microsoft last week for Windows 10. On Tuesday, October 2 1809 was released. By Friday reports of bugs – especially a nasty one that “lost” files from the C:\Users folder hierarchy – led MS to withdraw 1809 from circulation. Some people who successfully installed 1809 might need access to an 1809 ISO (the installer image file, to be more precise) for repairs. That’s why an alternate Win10 source during hold period (until MS lets go of another release) could be a life-saver. Check this out:

Note that the Windows ISO Download Tool still offers access to an 1809 ISO.
[Click image to see full-sized view.] Alternate Win10 Source During Hold Period

I’ve blogged here before about Krohn’s Microsoft Windows and Office ISO Download Tool. The foregoing screenshot shows that they’ve grabbed and still offer copies of the ISOs for 1809 for Home/Pro, Education, and more. Thus you can use this tool to obtain a copy of what MS has withdrawn from circulation. Because it does contain well-reported bugs, this is something you should consider carefully before messing around with. You should also make a complete image backup of your system drive and create recovery media before attempting an install in the face of possible gotchas. And please: don’t say I didn’t warn you!

If It’s Broke, Why Use It?

A TenForums poster this morning bemoaned the lack of access to an 1809 ISO this morning, because she wants to perform an in-place upgrade repair install to try and fix some Wi-Fi driver issues on a PC she’s already upgraded to that release. I recalled seeing an earlier post on a different topic that reported still offered the 1809 ISO and used the program to produce the screen cap shown above. Proof positive that in this case, where there’s sufficient will and knowledge, there’s still a way to lay hands on an 1809 ISO.

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