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Finding Windows Defender Security About Info

OK, so this morning I saw the news on that new versions of the Windows Defender security elements were out. Naturally, I wanted to check the new version info against what I had installed on my various PCs. I quickly realized that finding Windows Defender Security About info is not quite as simple and straightforward as it might be. In fact, as I poked around online, I quickly realized that much of the advice on how to do this is out of date. If what you find shows an entry in Windows 10 Settings for “Windows Defender” it’s now passe. You want to look inside the Windows Defender Security Center to get this info anyway. But even the docs file for this app fails to disclose where its “About” info resides.

Finding Windows Defender Security About Info Isn’t Easy

Never mind Settings, open the Windows Defender Security Center (WDSC) instead. If you type “def” into the Cortana search box, it should appear high up on the resulting list of selections. Once inside WDSC, click the “toothed cog/gear” symbol for settings in the lower left corner. When the Settings pane appears click About at the upper right:

The trick is knowing that About information is on the WDSC Settings page (red arrow).

Once you know where to look, finding the information is easy. After jumping to Settings inside WDSC, simply click on About at the upper right. Here’s what appears on my Dell Venue Pro 11 7130 (running Build 17134.1, Insider Preview Fast Ring):

Everything you need to know about Windows Defender component versions appears right here.

Nothing tricky, nothing difficult, nothing unusual. And fortunately for me, what’s installed is indeed what’s current. But alas, I had to beat around the bush before I clicked enough options to find my way to this information. Hopefully, this blog post — while it still remains accurate — will save others that extra effort. But alas, Windows Defender and the associated Security Center seem to be changing on a fairly regular basis.

Closing lament: Oh for the days when clicking Help → About was all it took! Now there are many ways to get to About, each of them slightly different. That’s life, here in Windows World!

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