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Intel Win10 UWP Configuration Utility

Last week, I blogged about Intel Windows 10 Modern Drivers. As it turns out, there was more going on with that than I recognized. In addition to a new set of drivers, Intel also offers a new set of UWP software as well. By grabbing the latest version of the Intel Ethernet Adapter Complete Driver Pack, downloaders will get a copy of a UWP-based PROSet tool. Because it’s named the Intel ProSet Adapter Configuration Utility, this blog post is entitled Intel Win10 UWP configuration utility. Here’s what it looks like:

This handy utility runs from the Start menu, and provides all kinds of useful information about and control over Intel Ethernet adapters
[Click image for full-sized view.]

What’s in the Intel Win10 UWP Configuration Utility?

If you inspect the preceding screenshot, you’ll see four panes of information inside its window. The left-hand pane lists all Intel Ethernet adapters present on the host PC. There are two panes in the center. Up top, you’ll find adapter info, including bus type, driver name, media type, and so forth. Down below, you’ll find buttons for cable, connection and hardware tests. There’s a display area at the very bottom of the pane for test result display. At right, users can access and update each network interface’s adapter settings. Previously available only in Device Manager’s Advanced Connection properties window, this interface is less cramped and more friendly.

I did encounter a couple of gotchas when using the tool, though. After running either the Cable or Connection tests, the network interface would drop off the network. This proved easy to fix, however. A restart does the trick. So does jumping into Device Manager, after which you’ll disable then re-enable the affected network interface. Either maneuver restores the network to normal, proper operation. Hopefully, some alert Intel networking developer will read this blog post, and take corrective action for an upcoming tool update.

Nevertheless, this tool is worth downloading, installing and using, IMO. If you try it yourself, I hope you’ll agree.

[Note added after initial publication] The runtime for this software also includes some interesting PowerShell stuff. Read this support note “Intel PROSet for Windows PowerShell Software” and you’ll be able to try this stuff out for yourself. Works like a champ!

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