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New MyOffice App Makes Office Ubiquitous

Late last year MS started testing an Office app (UWP) with Insiders. It replaced the preceding “My Office” with a slicker new version. Starting today, February 20, 2019, anybody who wants to can download the app from the Store (here’s the Office Apps blog announcement). also reports that “MS plans to roll it out to everyone over the next few weeks.” That how MS’ new MyOffice app makes Office ubiquitous. If you visit the Store and search for “MyOffice” here’s what you’ll see:

Generally Available MyOffice App Makes Office Ubiquitous

The new app works with subscription (365) Office versions. I actually had to launch my copy (already installed, it seems) from the Launch button on its page in the Windows Store (I couldn’t find it via the Start menu, but I’m running Start10). But indeed, it works and happily showed me my 365 account info, recent documents, and even my available programs (see next screencap):

MyOffice also works when you’re offline if you have local executables, and will work with Office Online if you don’t (but you have to be online for that to fly). Also, MyOffice works with equal facility on Windows and non-Windows devices. That included Android and iOS phones, as per my recent “try-and-see” maneuvers just now. Access to the Google Play Store and Apple AppStore works, or you can check the “Office for mobile devices” offerings from MS.

Check it out! You may just find it useful . . .

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