Mystery Device Equals Moto Z Android Phone

Poking around in Device Manager today, I noticed something I’d not seen before under the “Disk drives” heading. It showed up as Linux File-Stor USB Device (LFSUD). WTF? But of course, Google is always helpful when it comes to resolving mystery strings. A literal search on LFSUD turned up a post on the Ubuntu MATE Community that very quickly filled me in. I have a Moto Z Android cellphone, and I’ve plugged it into my PC on occasion for file transfers and access. That, it seems, shows mystery device equals Moto Z Android phone.

A search on the device name resolves the mystery:
Linux File-Stor Gadget USB Device.
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Determining Mystery Device Equals Moto Z Android Phone

Given the post that I found (duplicated also at XDA Developers), it was quite clear that hooking up my Moto Z for charging and access was responsible for this entry. I confirmed this by disconnecting the Android device, then running Uwe Sieber’s (USB) Device Cleanup Tool. Sure enough, it was gone, gone, gone. I’m not sure what’s responsible for this literal device name showing up in Windows 10. But now, I’m convinced that the Moto Z and the LFSUD are one and the same thing, device wise. Who knew?

In fact, when I turn on my Moto Z while it’s attached to my PC, it shows up in Explorer. And also in Device Manager, the Moto Z shows up under the “Portable Devices” heading under its own name (and there’s no longer an LFSUD entry under disk drives, either). Go figure!

Mystery solved!

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