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Panoramic Desktop Themes for Win10

In keeping with my lighter topics for the holiday break, I’m looking around for new desktop themes. Because I use two 27″ monitors on my production PC, I need big images that span both displays. As it turns out, this means I need panoramic desktop themes for Windows 10. Good thing there are plenty around, including a big batch from Microsoft. Their themes pages include an entry labeled Panoramic (dual monitor). Generally, MS offers fabulous images for its various desktop themes, and the panoramas are particularly fetching. In fact, the panoramic page includes 17 tasty offerings:

Microsoft’s Panoramic Desktop Themes
Animal Panoramics Beaches Panoramic Bridges Panoramic
Cityscapes Panoramic Deserts Panoramic Forests Panoramic
Glaciers Panoramic Horizons Panoramic Majestic Mountains
Panoramas of Europe Panoramas of NYC Panoramas of NYC2
Panoramas of NZ Rock Formations Snow Panoramic
Twilight and Starlight Waves Panoramic

I’ve been using the Forest Panoramas on my desktop for almost a year now, and will use something else instead with the New Year. At the moment, the New Zealand (NZ) panoramas top my list of candidates. We’ll see what strikes next weekend when the calendar flips over!

I had to shrink this from its 3840×1080 resolution to get it to fit here, but it’s still a nice image.

Non-Microsoft Panoramic Desktop Themes

There’s more out there than Microsoft when it comes to desktop themes. There’s an item at called 70 Beautiful Dual Monitors Desktop Wallpapers that’s worth checking out. Appstorm has a similar collection of 60 items, with different images. But the king of them all is dmb, or dual monitor backgrounds, where you’ll find hundreds (if not thousands) of such images. You can also easily create your own dual monitor desktop theme. Simply put all your chosen dual monitor/panoramic images in the same folder. Then, pick the Slideshow option in the Background pull-down in the Personalize menu in Settings. Given a big collection of such images, you can craft a theme of your own!

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