Perfect Win10 Relimon Score 10 Days Straight

I can’t complain about Windows 10 Version 1809. A quick look at Reliability Monitor (aka Relimon, easily run as perfmon /rel) says why. Right now,  my production PC shows a perfect Win10 Relimon score 10 days straight and counting. In past months, that score has dipped below 5 numerous times. That usually indicates multiple runtime errors, including forced shutdowns, application failures and more. For 21 of the past 30 days (including 5/11 through today) this PC shows a perfect reliability index of 10. Check it out:

Previous Windows builds have shown far lower Reliability Index values. But this latest version seems uncommonly stable and robust — for me, at least.
[Click image for full-sized view.]

What Does a Perfect Win10 Relimon Score 10 Days Straight Mean?

On this same PC, running earlier Windows 10 builds, I’ve seen much lower Reliability Index values. And most of the score-lowering impacts involved have come from MS or OS components themselves. These have included Internet Explorer (which I don’t use much anymore as a consequence), but also File Explorer (a key and constant OS component), a variety of UWP apps including Skype (responsible for all of the Warnings shown in the preceding screen capture), and more. Failed Windows Updates can, and sometimes will, also impact the Reliability Index, too.

But for some reason, I’ve had a great run of reliability scores on 1809 since mid-April. In fact, my current Reliability Index measurements go back only to April 19. But I’m in the habit of checking these scores on a least a weekly basis, so I have a good sense of the longer term history as well as the current record available to me. Based on what I’m seeing now, and what I’ve seen in the past, I’m impressed enough with the way Windows 10 is presently working to write about it. Based on my experience with the current 1809 release on 5 PCs here on my local network, and what I’ve seen and heard elsewhere, I’m inclined to slant my impression of 1809 pretty positively overall. Let’s hope that when the 1903/19H1/May 2019 Feature Upgrade shows up — probably around month’s end — it will keep this lucky streak alive and well!

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