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Praising Voidtools Everything

According to its online description voidtools Everything “is a desktop search utility for Windows that can rapidly find files and folders by name.” I’ve been a user and fan of this tool for years. But yesterday, I got a real glimpse of what it can do in the Windows environment. I’m helping a friend who’s readying a new release of his excellent dictionary toolset for MS Office, through his company Lexica Software. In checking out some installation issues, I found myself looking for specific logs, config files and so forth. Shortly thereafter, I found myself also praising voidtools Everything as well. Though I knew the names of files and folders, I didn’t know where they were located. Everything made short work of my search-by-name efforts. It even supports basic Explorer right-click menus so I could open, move and delete items right from the tool itself.

Everything helped me determine where the install was placing file. It also took me straight to various database files I needed to delete, and config files I needed to alter.
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Praising Voidtools Everything for Speed and Convenience

Sure, you can use the built-in Explorer/Windows Search capability (and I still do, especially through the Start Menu and Cortana). But Everything is orders of magnitude faster than that facility. It usually starts returning results even before I finish typing my search strings. And it takes me quickly to those results when I want to investigate or manipulate them. And it’s FREE.

I was a regular and enthusiastic Everything user before yesterday. I’m even more enthusiastic now. If you’re a developer, or you work with software testing, forensics, or support, this tool is a true must-have. It is donation ware, and well worth supporting. I just added to my earlier contributions to its developer, David Carpenter, via PayPal. If you try out, use and like this tool, I urge you to do likewise.

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