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When LinkedIn Posts Fail

OK, be warned. This post is a little off-topic. But yesterday, as is my usual practice, I started posting links to my recent blogs and such on social media. For some odd reason, I found myself unable to post anything to LinkedIn. “Great,” I thought, “time to clean out the history, cache, and cookies.” Nope. Opened and closed Chrome. No help. Rebooted Windows. Error unchanged. Tried different browsers: Edge, IE and Firefox. Nothing doing. Jumped over to another PC. Still kept getting the same error message (see below). So, in desperation I looked up LinkedIn on Twitter and found the LinkedIn Help squad at @LinkedInHelp. When LinkedIn posts fail, or other problems present with that site, I recommend you do likewise.

When LinkedIn Posts Fail.error

Not the most informative of error messages, but a clear sign that something ain’t right.

When LinkedIn Posts Fail, Ask for Help!

Oddly enough, my poking around on LinkedIn didn’t turn up any ready sources of help there, so I jumped over to Twitter. Almost immediately, I got a response from their obviously active support team. When a couple of quick suggestions produced no positive results, the pro on the other end of the connection sent me a direct URL through which to contact higher-level support. I didn’t get a reply from them, but when I logged onto my PC this morning: Presto! I was once again able to post to LinkedIn.

This is the kind of user experience that a connected digital landscape with concerned and helpful players on that board is supposed to provide. My hat’s off to the crew at LinkedIn for being able to reach out, dig in, and fix something quickly, with little discernible muss or fuss. Wouldn’t it be nice if all problem reports ended on such a happy note? Something for the Windows Team to read and ponder, I hope.

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