Buyer's Handbook: Use IT help desk tools to resolve and prevent IT incidents Article 1 of 5

Discover the software to keep the IT help desk on track

Help desk management tools play a key role in IT support for the modern enterprise. Every time a worker or customer submits a help desk or incident ticket, IT help desk tools track, manage and ultimately resolve issues to keep workflows and services running efficiently, meet business requirements, and maintain worker productivity and customer satisfaction.

The IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is one of the common frameworks for IT help desk tools. The process begins where the user logs an incident with the help desk and it ends with incident resolution. In some systems, users can even add the new incident information to a knowledge base for future reference.

To select ideal help desk management software, IT admins must consider the size of their organization. Whether they work for a smaller organization, an SMB or a larger organization, admins must first know exactly what functionalities to look for when evaluating prospective platforms.

The business benefits that a help desk system provides can be numerous, including cutting expenses, improving service-level agreement measurement, driving system and product improvement, and reducing the recurrence of problems.

With these very benefits in mind, buyers must know what the leading vendors offer in terms of communication, ticket management, call agent management, ticket data, custom reports, product support, ITIL compliance, multilingual capabilities and third-party interfaces.

This buyer's guide provides readers with a comprehensive overview of how exactly IT help tools function, how they benefit organizations of varied size and what prospective customers should assess in a system. Lastly, this guide provides in-depth roundups that detail the leading vendors on the market and what they offer in regard to the critical features listed above. With this information handy, IT buyers can find the right system to help resolve problems in the most timely and efficient manner possible.

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