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Learn about Windows 7 features now so your organization will be prepared when it drops.

Windows 7 is the first desktop operating system release after Windows Vista. Given the reluctance of many enterprises to install Vista on their desktops, Microsoft has a lot riding on how well Windows 7 performs. Learn what to expect from Windows 7 with news, features and more.

Mixed reaction on keeping Vista kernel for Windows 7
Microsoft's decision to use a refined Vista kernel for its next OS, Windows 7, is a smart business move. But does it help IT managers?

Windows 7 unlikely to cause driver problems like Vista
By giving partners alpha access to Windows 7 code, Microsoft hopes it will blunt the driver incompatibility problems IT managers faced with Vista.

Windows 7 features include management tools for administrators
Windows 7 has many features that put IT at the helm, despite the usability control theme spotlighted at this year's Professional Development Conference.

Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2 and Azure take center stage at PDC 2008
Microsoft kept PDC attendees at the edge of their seats with talk of Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2 and its new Azure Services Platform. Hear what features will be included in the new OSes and what experts are saying about the company's cloud computing platform. Also, learn when new the service pack betas for Vista and Windows 2008 are expected to arrive.

Early Windows 7 code promised at PDC
Professional developers attending Microsoft's PDC 2008 can expect a pre-beta copy of Windows 7 to come home in the goodie bag.

IT pros have their Windows 7 wish list
Will this year's PDC be a repeat of PDCs of yore in which product plans are gutted to make ship dates? No one can say, but IT managers know what they want the new OS to look like.

Microsoft settles ado over Windows 7 name
With Windows 7, Microsoft said it is sticking to its schedule of having one major release and one minor release for its server.

Windows 7 featured at PDC
Rumors about what Windows 7 is (and what it isn't) have been circulating for months, but attendees at the Professional Developer's Conference in October will get a sneak peek at Microsoft's yet-to-be released operating system. Also, learn about the release of Windows HPC Server 2008 and the SDL Pro Network.

Microsoft PDC gives a taste of Windows 7, Visual Studio 2010
Day 2 of PDC gave developers a glimpse of future technologies and a crash-course in how to write a basic application for Windows Azure, the company's new cloud computing platform.

IT managers fret over skipping Vista for Windows 7
IT shops running Windows XP are worried about whether to wait for the next OS release, dubbed Windows 7. A Gartner desktop expert says the fuss is premature.

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